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Corrupted Graces

Remembrance of the Corrupted Graces of the lost Tarnished.

The power of its namesake can be unlocked by the Finger Reader.
Alternatively, it can be used to gain a great bounty of runes.

These poor souls become so consumed with serving their leader that upon his death they went mad.


Remembrance of the Corrupted Graces is a new item introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. Like other Remembrances you can either use it or sell it for Runes or exchange it for one of two items from Enia.

You can exchange this in combination with 5000 Runes for the Necrosword or for 10000 Runes you get the spell Stake of Maveth.

How to obtain

Defeat the Corrupted Graces boss deep within Maveth's Crypt. It cannot be duplicated at a Walking Mausoleum, defeat the boss again to get another.

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ID (Goods)
  • 2965