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Cold sword grown from a budding Deathroot. Inflicts Death Blight with each swing.

The Necromancer Maveth grew this armament during his research. Like most things he did, however, it backfired. Why would one seeking to resurrect a god create a weapon that could fell one?


Necrosword is a new weapon introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

This greatsword was grown by the great and powerful Necromancer Maveth from a Deathroot bud. Due to its nature, the sword inflicts heavy blight buildup innately.

This sword design was heavily inspired by the Necrosword from Marvel Comics, originally designed by Esad Ribić. The model itself was a collaboration between myself and my friend kevins_computer.

Death's Gyre

The Necrosword comes with a new Ash of War called Death's Gyre. Imbue your weapon with Death then slam it down for an explosion of Blight Buildup.

This Ash is of course unlocked like the rest of the unique ashes in Dark Moon, so you can put it on any other weapon once you purchase it from the Ash Master.

How to obtain

Exchange the Corrupted Graces Remembrance for this or the spell Stake of Maveth at Enia's Remembrance Shop in Roundtable Hold.

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ID (Weapon)
  • 93040000