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Stake of Maveth

Sorcery created by legendary Necromancer Maveth.

Summon spikes of Death Blight that shred into your enemy to build up the curse. Charge for higher effectiveness.

The Necromancer created many tools in his quest to resurrect the Prince of Death. None were more legendary than this.


Stake of Maveth is a new Legendary Sorcery introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

Send forth three giant spikes made of pure Death, exploding on contact for massive Blight buildup. Balance the huge amount of self-inflicted Blight buildup wisely.

How to obtain

Exchange the Corrupted Graces Remembrance for this or the spell Stake of Maveth at Enia's Remembrance Shop in Roundtable Hold.

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ID (Goods)
  • 5111