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Update v1.4, Archipelago, added two new isles off the coast of West Limgrave.

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Isle of Bounty

Isle of Bounty.png

The Isle of Bounty is a peaceful little island hosted by Caretaker, a mysterious woman whose forgotten where she's come from. All she knows is this island and that she does not, or cannot, leave it. You can find your way to the isle by reaching the northern most tip of Limgrave's west coast where you'll find an Oar on a corpse. Use that in combination with the nearby rickety boat to sail off.

Caretaker has been waiting for an adventurer such as yourself to fill her home out with flora, fauna, and friends. Speak to her to get started with crafting your way to an infinitely replenishing farm filled with every resource in the game. Don't forget to come back here throughout your journey to take a load off.

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Maveth's Crypt

Maveth's Crypt.png

The Necromancer Maveth was great and powerful. He and his cult settled on a small isle off the coast of West Limgrave. They hid many secrets in the Crypt below and as such have sealed it off with a lock tight spell. Use your wits to break the illusion and enter the Crypt.

Once you're in, do not let your guard down. Ahead is a challenge in the form of an endless catacomb filled with the failed experiments and broken followers of Maveth's Cult. Traverse long enough and you'll find yourself face to face with Maveth's closest advisors who have gone mad in his absence.

Keep a keen eye as you explore the isle and its crypt as you never know what secrets may be hidden around.

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