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Hiring Contracts

A blank page for use in hiring shopkeeps. The Isle of Bounty is known to embue passivity in its denizens. Combine this page with your desired item and a little treat for its seller as an invitation for those who would otherwise do you harm.

Talent is hard to spot! Keep an eye on the underground of The Lands Between to fill out your roster. 


Contracts are a resource that you can use to hire various workers and shopkeeps on the Isle of Bounty to purchase and harvest goods from. Give them some food and a show them what you want and they'll surely come set up.

How to obtain

Find Blank Contracts throughout The Lands Between's underground by defeating the various cave bosses.

Each of these contracts requires 1x Empty Contract as well as the materials listed below here:

Giant Crab

Giant Crayfish



8x Crab Eggs

5x Strip of White Flesh

10x Strip of White Flesh

10x Crab Eggs


6x Stormhawk Feather

10x Rowa Fruit

3x Albinauric Bloodclot

5x Strip of White Flesh

Cracked Crystal Miner

Formic Rock Miner

Gravel Stone Miner

Ruin Fragment Miner

12x Cracked Crystal

5x Dewkissed Herba

3x Rowa Fruit

4x Formic Rock

3x Slumbering Egg

8x Herba

8x Gravel Stone

10x Rowa Fruit

5x Sliver of Meat

20x Ruin Fragment

10x Rowa Fruit

Sanctuary Stone Miner

Volcanic Stone Miner

Yellow Amber Miner

Silver Tear

15x Sanctuary Stone

3x Rimed Rowa

2x Thin Beast Bones

12x Volcanic Stone

3x Crab Eggs

5x Golden Rowa

10x Yellow Amber

3x Sliver of Meat

3x Herba

15x Silver Tear Husk

5x Crab Eggs


Giant Octopus

Living Jar

Miranda Sprout

12x Human Bone Shard

8x Land Octopus Ovary

3x Turtle Neck Meat

3x Living Jar Shard

8x Lump of Flesh

12x Miranda Powder

3x Gold-Tinged Excrement

3x Blood-Tainted Excrement


3x String

3x Roaw Fruit

2x Lump of Flesh



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ID's (Goods)
  • Blank Contract: 7002030
  • Giant Crab: 7002300
  • Giant Crayfish: 7002301
  • Warhawk:  7002302
  • Albinauric: 7002303
  • Cracked Crystal Miner:  7002304
  • Formic Rock Miner:  7002305
  • Gravel Stone Miner: 7002306
  • Ruin Fragment Miner:  7002307
  • Sanctuary Stone Miner:  7002308
  • Volcanic Stone Miner: 7002309
  • Yellow Amber Miner: 7002310
  • Silver Tear:  7002311
  • Skeleton: 7002312
  • Giant Octopus:  7002313
  • Living Jar: 7002314
  • Miranda Sprout: 7002315
  • Demi-Human: 7002316