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Smithing Stone Shards

Shards of stones used by warriors to empower their armaments.

Many stones had been shattered in times of war. Their remains scattered throughout the Lands Between.


Smithing Stone Shards are a new item introduced in Shattered and repurposed in Dark Moon.

Shards have completely replaced the various levels of Smithing Stones the base game had. This removes the need for going back and forth between the crafting menu to combine the shards as it was in Shattered or finding the various levels as it was in Vanilla.

  • Standard weapons cost 650 Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade fully to +25.
  • Unique weapons cost 110 Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade fully to +10.

How to obtain

The two kinds of shards are dropped from many enemies in the game. You can also purchase them at the Twin Maiden Husks after acquiring the Smithing Stone Bell Bearings. Cheaper options become available with each Bell Bearing.

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ID's (Goods)
  • Standard: 15500
  • Somber: 15520