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New and updated armor


Various changelogs detailing everything Dark Moon adds and changes

Weapons & Magic

New and updated weapons/magic


New and updated items

Mechanics & Visuals

New and updated mechanics as well as visual tweaks


Installation and other such how-to guides

Hunter's Set


Garb worn by hunters from a nightmare realm. One of the standard articles of hunter attire fashioned at the workshop. In the nightmare, Outer Gods are not ones to be worshipped, but to be hunted. About Hunter’s Set is a new armor set in...

Saint Kalé’s Uniform


Fine robes worn by the great Saint Kalé! Hope you were good this year or Saint Kalé won't be very nice... It is said that the Saint offers a choice when spotted. Choose wisely, or else. About Saint Kalé’s Uniform is a new armor set introd...

Heisenberg's Hat


A wide brimmed hat once worn by a brilliant perfumer from another world. It is said that those who wear it become imbued with The Danger. About Heisenberg’s Hat is a new helmet introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. This hat is a relic of a brill...

Dragonslayer's Set


Choice armor of the great Dragonslayer Samurai. These Dragonslayers hail from a world far beyond The Lands Between. It's said there was one Dragonslayer who rose above the rest. Their name, however, has been lost to time and s...

Elite Knight Set


Armor said to have been given to elite knights of fallen Astora. The mere mention of Astora invoked wistful pangs, and perhaps it was such a dream that drew Anri to this faraway home known only by name. About Elite Knight Set is a new armo...

Faraam Set


This armor is designed in the style of the Lion Knights, a once-mighty order from Forossa. Although the Lion Knights wore heavy armor, they were feared for their nimble two-handed swordplay. But their legacy was cut short with the fall of Foro...

Gloom Set


The complete armor set which has an extremely high level of adhesion. The black iron robs the wearer of his or her body heat, causing them to shiver and breathe out cold air. About Gloom Set is a new armor set introduced in Elden Ring: Dark...

Solaire's Set


The symbol was painted by the knight himself, but the armor never bore any special power, sacred or otherwise. About Solaire’s Set is a new armor set introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. Praise the Sun! Ported by KRDCD. It provides no ga...

Havel's Set


Armor as if hewn from a giant boulder. Highly protective, but excessively heavy. The warriors who followed Havel the Rock never flinched, nor retreated from battle, crushing any foe that stood in their way. About Havel’s Set is a new armor...

Catarina Set


Distinctively shaped armor worn by the Knights of Catarina. Often ridiculed for its onion-like shape, infuriating the country's proud knights, but the masterfully forged curved design makes it very effective for deflective blows. About Cat...

Wolf Knight Set


The twilight blue tassel is damp, and will ever remain so. A vanquished knight left behind only wolf's blood, and legacy of duty. The Undead Legion of Farron was formed to bear his torch, and the armor of these Abyss Watchers suggests their ow...

Mensis Cage


This hexagonal iron cage suggests their strange ways. The cage is a device that restrains the will of the self, allowing one to see the profane world for what it is. It also serves as an antenna that facilitates contact with the Great Ones of the dr...

Maria Hunter Set


Among the first hunters, all students of Gehrman, was the lady hunter Maria. This was her hunter's garb, crafted in Cainhurst. About Maria Hunter Set is a new armor set introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. Lady Maria of Bloodborne would ...

Chester's Set


This exquisitely sewn aristocratic suit allows its wearer to move in silence, lending well to stealth. About Chester’s Set is a new armor set introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. Marvelous Chester, a gun-toting masked man from another wor...

Desert Sorceress Set


Desert Sorceresses have enchanting looks, and they use them to catch people off guard. Oddly enough, even those who are perceptive enough to realize the ploy fall prey to their seductions with alarming regularity. About Desert Sorceress Se...

Black Witch Set


When Zullie the Witch learned of Alva's dedication to Saint Serrate she used all manner of tricks and deceit to ruin him, but in the end she would spend her life with him, supporting his endeavors. About Black Witch Set is a new armor set i...

Emerald Herald's Set


The Emerald Herald, born of dubious means, guided many through the land of Drangleic. Whispers of her work as a Firekeeper have spread even into this world. About Emerald Herald’s Set is a new armor set introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon...

Astrologist's Set


Astrologists believe that magical powers can be obtained at moments of special heavenly alignment. Even the collective wisdom of the Melfian Magic Academy cannot pull magic out of the sky, but the ideas of the astrologists led to the creation ...

Dual Catalysts

Weapons & Magic

Through many Erdtree rebirths, the Warlocks have mastered both schools of magic. About Dual Catalysts are a new weapon type introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. As opposed to regular catalysts like Staves and Seals, Dual Catalysts grant the abil...

Bloody Seal

Weapons & Magic

Seal used to cast incantations. Increases damage done by Blood Incantations. These seals were the favored weapons of the most devoted worshippers of The Lord of Blood. About Bloody Seal is a new weapon introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon. This ...