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Amber Medallions

Crimson Amber Medallion +2 - MENU_Knowledge_18002.png
Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 - MENU_Knowledge_18012.png
Viridian Amber Medallion +2 - MENU_Knowledge_18022.png

A medallion with amber inlaid.

The Erdtree's old sap becomes amber, treasured as the most precious of jewels in the age of Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

A primordial life energy resides inside.


Shattered introduced updated versions of the Amber Medallions that Dark Moon has iterated on.

  • Crimson adds HP Regen.

  • Cerulean provides FP on hit.

  • Viridian provides extra Stamina Regen.

How to obtain

All variants are found in their vanilla locations. A reminder of them below, taken from Fextralife:

  • Base Talisman: Can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant at the eastern side of Weeping Peninsula, for 1,500 Runes.
  • +1 Variant: Found in Volcano Manor. Go to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace, go out and through the little town as if you were progressing through the manor as normal, and use a Stonesword Key to go through the fog gate. An Abductor Virgin is there, but you can easily run up the stairs to the level above, where the talisman is on a dead body.
  • +2 Variant, SPOILER WARNING: Can be found just southwest of the Leyndell, Ashen Capital Site of Grace,  by dropping down the open sewer grate to the beam below.
  • Base Talisman: Lakeside Crystal Cave: After defeating the Bloodhound Knight.
  • +1 Variant: Castle Sol: Found on a corpse hanging by a wooden ledge above the southern walls of the castle. This area is accessed by climbing a ladder behind the church in the southeast and following the walls west. Beware the very powerful dual sword knight guarding the area. He can teleport behind you and perform long combos. 
  • +2 VariantLunar Estate Ruins: Found in a treasure chest in an underground room northwest of the ruins. Look for an Imp Statue pressed up against the wall. This requires one Stonesword Key. The stairs are also concealed by an illusory floor. Simply hit the floor next to the Imp Statue to reveal the stairs.
  • Base talisman: Tombsward Cave, a small dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula: Located southeast of the Fourth Church of Marika. The medallion is obtained after defeating the boss, Miranda the Blighted Bloom.

    +1 Variant: Altus Plateau, south of the Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace: You will hear Margit whisper, "I see you, Tarnished..."  to you before appearing on the road. Defeat him again and it will drop.

     +2 Variant: Miquella's Haligtree: The closest site of grace is the Haligtree Town Plaza. Go south towards the roof with a dead body on it. For reference, the dead body is two stories above the talisman. Continue southeast and jump down once. Jump across the gap, and then do an immediate 180 turn and make a running jump into the building below. It'll be in a chest guarded by Scarlet Rot Zombies.

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ID's (Goods)
  • Crimson: 1000
  • Crimson +1: 1001
  • Crimson +2: 1002
  • Cerulean: 1010
  • Cerulean+1: 1011
  • Cerulean+2: 1012
  • Viridian: 1020
  • Viridian+1: 1021
  • Viridian+2: 1022