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An empty lure for attracting fauna. What is a paradise without friends to inhabit it? Fill this lure with tempting food and your key ingredient to attract a chosen species.

Can't catch something without knowledge of how it moves. Travel around The Lands Between in search of powerful beings.


Lures are a resource that you can use to attract various fauna to the Isle of Bounty to hunt infinitely. Stick some food and a certain amount of the original material in a lure to capture your prey.

How to obtain

Find Empty Lures throughout The Lands Between by defeating the various field bosses.

Each of these lures requires 1x Empty Lure as well as the materials listed below here:





10x Lump of Flesh

5x Sliver of Meat

15x Beast Liver

15x Herba

10x Flight Pinion

5x Rowa Fruit

10x Four-Toed Fowl Foot

5x Silver Firefly





5x Great Dragonfly Head

2x Lump of Flesh

8x Slumbering Egg

2x Golden Centipede

5x Sliver of Meat

10x Rowa Fruit

15x Thin Beast Bones

25x Rowa Fruit


Glintstone Firefly

Silver Firefly

Golden Firefly

5x Turtle Neck Meat

15x Herba

10x Glintstone Firefly

5x Rowa Fruit

15x Silver Firefly

6x Rowa Fruit

15x Golden Firefly

5x Rowa Fruit

Golden Centipede

Aeonian Butterfly

Nascent Butterfly

Smoldering Butterfly

6x Golden Centipede

3x Lump of Flesh

12x Aeonian Butterfly

10x Erdleaf Flower

15x Nascent Butterfly

10x Erdleaf Flower

25x Smoldering Butterfly

10x Erdleaf Flower

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ID's (Goods)
  • Empty Lure: 7002020
  • Boar: 7002200
  • Sheep:  7002201
  • Eagle:  7002202
  • Guillemot:  7002203
  • Dragonfly:  7002204
  • Owl:  7002205
  • Deer: 7002206
  • Rabbitgaroo:  7002207
  • Turtle: 7002208
  • Glintstone Firefly: 7002209
  • Silver Firefly: 7002210
  • Golden Firefly: 7002211
  • Golden Centipede: 7002212
  • Aeonian Butterfly:  7002213
  • Nascent Butterfly:  7002214
  • Smoldering Butterfly: 7002215