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Isle of Bounty Manual

Manual detailing the what and how of the Isle of Bounty. Use the recipes inside to learn how to plant flora, lure fauna, and hire shopkeeps.

The Isle of Bounty is a mysterious island off the coast of Limgrave. It's said that all who go there become passive and feel an overwhelming urge to put their combative natures aside.

If your pack gets filled with too many recipes, feel free to deposit this hefty entry in your storage.


The manual for the Isle of Bounty that unlocks all the crafting recipes needed to make schematics, lures, and hiring contracts. There are a lot of recipes here that you may not want to see during normal gameplay, so feel free to stash the manual in your chest at a Grace when you're not using it.

How to obtain

Purchase yours from Caretaker on the Isle of Bounty.

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ID (Goods)
  • 7002000