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New Merchants

Various merchants have been added and updated in Dark Moon.

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Ranni Puppet

Ranni Puppet.png

The pseudo-mascot for Dark Moon, this puppet of Lunar Princess Ranni can be found throughout The Lands Between, but mainly it sits in Roundtable Hold across from the Twin Maiden Husks. It will sell you some general items, like new ones given to new classes, but also has a few specialty shops and other menu options.

Boss Resurrection

Thanks to a fantastic mod by Vawser, you can now resurrect bosses by talking to the Ranni Puppet. It uses a Larval Tear to perform this resurrection so be sure to purchase one nearby if you run out! Oh, that's also a change in Dark Moon, Larval Tears are infinitely purchasable from the Twin Maiden Husks.

Colosseum Shop

Participating in The Arena at the Colosseums rewards you with Gold Coins. You can turn these in to the Ranni Puppet in exchange for various armor and weapons ported from other games. You can access this shop anywhere the Ranni Puppet is.

Omnipotent Shop

The Omnipotent Shop, usually available at the Omnipotent Statue at the beginning of the game, will be reopened by the Ranni Puppet upon defeating the Elden Beast or skipping to Journey 2. This shop allows you to purchase any item in the base game including cut content.

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Caretaker is the host of the Isle of Bounty, a bountiful little rock off the coast of West Limgrave. She'll welcome you with open arms and walk you through how to tend to the Isle and look after it while you're gone. She is voiced by Grace Winpenny.

You can purchase the Isle of Bounty Manual, Blank Schematics, Empty Lures, Blank Contracts, and one Erdtree Root from her. With the exception the schematics, all these items are limited so use them wisely.

She wears Caretaker's Set which you can get for yourself after completing the Isle of Bounty.

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Smithing Master Hewg


Hewg, the misbegotten smith found in Roundtable Hold, has learned a new skill in Dark Moon. He now knows how to forge Smithing Stone Shards into your weapons directly to upgrade them, meaning you only need one type of Smithing Stone instead of the various + variants.

  • Standard weapons cost 650 Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade fully to +25.
  • Unique weapons cost 110 Smithing Stone Shards to upgrade fully to +10.

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Crystal Tear Merchant

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The Crystal Tear Merchant is a new merchant introduced in Shattered and maintained in Dark Moon. Crystal Tears no longer drop from the Erdtree Avatars, instead they drop Erdtree Roots, an item used to craft Elden Soup.

Found in Roundtable Hold, the Crystal Tear Merchant will sell you the various Crystal Tears, at various points throughout your journey, for 10k Runes each.

  • Defeat Margit - Unlock Crimson Crystal Tear 2 and Cerulean Crystal Tear 2
  • Defeat Godrick - Unlock Faith-knot Crystal Tear and Ruptured Crystal Tear 1
  • Defeat Red Wolf of Radagon - Unlock Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear and Greenburst Crystal Tear
  • Defeat Rennala - Unlock Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear and Magic-shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Defeat Godfrey's Spirit - Unlock Opaline Hardtear and Winged Crystal Tear
  • Defeat Radahn - Unlock Strength-knot Crystal Tear and Stonebarb Crystal Tear
  • Defeat Astel - Unlock Cerulean Hidden Tear and Opaline Bubbletear
  • Defeat Mohg - Unlock Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear and Speckled Hardtear
  • Defeat Regal Ancestor Spirit - Unlock Leaden Hardtear and Holy-shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Defeat Fire Giant - Unlock Flame-shrouding Cracked Tear and Spiked Cracked Tear
  • Defeat Malenia - Unlock Thorny Cracked Tear and Windy Crystal Tear
  • Defeat Maliketh - Unlock Crimson Bubbletear and Lightning-shrouding Cracked Tear

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