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The Arena

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The Arena is a combat ordeal hosted in the various colosseums around The Lands Between. There is no pre-requisite for entering, all you need to do is head over to one of the colosseums, open the doors, and speak to the Ranni Puppet sitting there.

Speaking of, the Puppet has a shop open where you can purchase various armor and weapons ported from other games in exchange for a new currency, Gold Coins. These coins are granted to the victors of The Arena. 

Each Arena begins as a series of set encounters that you defeat in a set order. Once you defeat each one once you can challenge them again in a randomized order or reset your progress to play them in order again.

Seamless Co-Op

If you're playing with your friends using Seamless Co-Op, be sure to select the menu option for that when talking to the Ranni Puppet. If you don't, things will likely break.

Limgrave Colosseum

Spoilers for the encounters below! Don't read on if you'd rather be surprised.

Godrick's Army

  • Fight an endless onslaught of Godrick soldiers until you eventually exhaust their ranks.

Crab Rave

  • Ever see a bunch of Giant Crabs go at each other? Well you have now!
  • Let them kill each other or jump in the fray yourself.

Demon Duo

  • If you ever wanted to fight the Stray Demon and the Capra Demon at the same time then this is the fight for you!
  • Rush down the Erdtree Avatar sniping from the stairs or brute his barrage as the Omenkiller and his dogs hunt you down.

Behold, Fingers!

  • Bask in the glory of the Two Fingers...

Royal Crucible Authority

  • We all know Elden Ring is just Dark Souls 2 2, but it didn't have enough encounters with shitloads of knights and rats so here ya go. Oh and you're also stuck in a cave.

Do it, coward.

  • Go on then, do it. 

True Night's Cavalry

  • Elden Ring's got that bright ass moon lighting up its night sky, but this Night's Cavalry has shrouded the Colosseum in darkness for his encounter.
  • Watch out for his support in the back as well...


  • Who knew you had so many siblings!
  • Fight two Mimic Tears at once for the ultimate throwdown.

Melina, Daughter of Grace

  • Perhaps the DLC will follow up on one of Elden Ring's endings where Melina vows to hunt you down. Until then, you can challenge her to the death* in The Arena.
  • *death not guaranteed to be canon.

Caelid Colosseum

Spoilers for the encounters below! Don't read on if you'd rather be surprised.

Snails of Hemwick

  • Everybody's favorite "boss fight" from Bloodborne has returned in an Elden Ring flavor.
  • Watch out for the Cemetery Shades devastating grab attacks and slay them until they give up.

Students of Blood

  • Mohgwyn couldn't bother to show up himself, so he sent some goofy little followers of his instead. 
  • Here's a tip: the environment can be used to your advantage!

Nomadic Warriors

  • Scorned from Grace, driven to Frenzy, exiled for eternity... The Nomadic Merchants have joined the fray to finally release some of their pent-up frenzied rage.

Bone Zone

  • If you've ever wanted to be trapped in a cave with like 30 Skeletons then boy do I have great news. Welcome to the Bone Zone, Brother. 
  • AOE attacks like Wave of Gold do absolutely smashing here.

Land of Beasts

  • Land of Beasts... Beasts are dogs.... dog land......
  • Challenge Blaidd and his mutt brethren to an all-out battle royale. Last and best dog standing wins!

The Curse

  • Ah yes, visions of Yharnam... Fight Gurranq as he jumps in early to try to put a stop to your nonsensical quest to become a lord early. Oh and watch out for his little squid friends despite their not being proper combatants.

Festival Warmup

  • Champions! Welcome to the Festival Warmup! Challenge all your allies to strengthen your mettle.
  • Everyone works in teams of two, including you! Finger Maiden Therolina is there to help heal you as best she can.

The Shattering

  • Relive the historic battle between War-Sworn General Radahn and Malenia, Host of Rot. Lore-breaking? Absolutely!
  • Be sure to kick Radahn's ass before he retreats like the coward he is.

Royal Colosseum

Spoilers for the encounters below! Don't read on if you'd rather be surprised.

Clan Loux

  • The Loux family is two strong, as far as we know. Tackle both Nepheli and her vague ancestor in this encounter.

Omen Twins

  • Another family bond stronger than ever. Morgott and Mohg team up, in their Phase 2 incarnations, to take you down duo style.

Rykard Festival

  • Looks like the Albinaurics of Volcano Manor took the fight to Rykard and somehow won imprisoning him inside the Royal Colosseum! 
  • Watch out for Rykard's deadly lava though, use the environment to your advantage.

Ranni's Champions

  • Finally, Fia's simps have some competition.
  • Fight Blaidd, Iji, and Seluvis in this new encounter.

Divine Binding

  • You've interrupted the wedding of Radagon and Rennala. Let's see if you can make it out alive!