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Necromancer's Staff

Staff once treasured by legendary Necromancer Maveth. Specializes in Blight Sorceries and Incantations.

Maveth and his cultists explored every possible avenue in their crazed attempts to revive their Prince. Although they failed their main quest, no one can deny the strength of the tools they used therein.


Necromancer's Staff is a new weapon introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

This staff wielded by the great and powerful Necromancer Maveth is a Dual Catalyst of great strength. Contrary to other Dual Catalysts, the Necromancer's Staff has a specialty in Blight magics. Use it in combination with new and existing Blight magics for a powerful Death build.

How to obtain

Defeat the Corrupted Graces boss deep within Maveth's Crypt.

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ID (Weapon)
  • 93030000