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Talisman of Beasts

Favored seal of Warlocks. Through their many rebirths, these advanced tacticians have learned how to cast both Sorceries and Incantations.

The Warlock clan is said to have become very agorophobic.


Talisman of Beasts is a new weapon introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

This weapon is the first of a new type of weapon-class, Dual Catalysts. These catalysts trade specialty in a specific school for the ability to cast both Incantations and Sorceries.

For a direct upgrade to the Talisman of Beasts, try the Scepter of the All-Knowing which drops from Sir Gideon.

How to obtain

Warlock class starts with this or purchase from the Ranni Puppet.

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ID's (Weapon)
  • 90000100