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Dual Catalysts

Scepter of the All-Knowing - MENU_Knowledge_10410.png

Through many Erdtree rebirths, the Warlocks have mastered both schools of magic.


Dual Catalysts are a new weapon type introduced in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

As opposed to regular catalysts like Staves and Seals, Dual Catalysts grant the ability to cast both Incantations and Sorceries. This usually comes at the detriment of a lack of specific power increase like how the Meteorite Staff specializes in Meteor Sorceries.

Scepter of The All-Knowing

In Dark Moon, Gideon Ofnir's Scepter has been changed from a hammer to a Dual Catalyst. It still drops after defeating him.

Talisman of Beasts

The Talisman of Beasts returns from Demon's Souls where it was also a Dual Catalyst. Begin as a Warlock or purchase it from the Ranni Puppet at Roundtable Hold.

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