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Bloodborne Weapons

Over time, countless hunters have visited this dream. The graves here stand in their memory. It all seems so long ago now...

And so, the hunt begins.


The Bloodborne Weapons are a new set of weapons introduced in Shattered and updated/maintained in Elden Ring: Dark Moon.

Unfortunately, the Bloodborne weapons don’t trick like they do in their home game. It is possible to have trick weapons in Elden Ring, but the effort and time required to completely reproduce how they worked in Bloodborne is mildly monumental. So stay tuned for something that may or may not ever come!

Here are the currently ported Bloodborne Weapons:

Church Pick



Holy Blade

Firing Spear


Hunter Axe

Hunter Spear

Merciful Blades

Beast Cutter

Beasthunter Saif

Wooden Shield

Potentially more to come in the future, but who's to say! Shattered's mantra was all about Bloodborne, but Dark Moon is a little open in terms of theming. 

How to obtain

Each weapon can be purchased for 10 Gold Coins at the Ranni Puppet.

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ID's (Weapon)
  • Church Pick: 10100000
  • Chikage: 10110000
  • Kirkblade: 10120000
  • Holy Blade: 10140000
  • Firing Spear: 10150000
  • Tonitrus: 10160000
  • Hunter Axe: 10170000
  • Hunter Spear: 10180000
  • Merciful Blades: 10270000
  • Beast Cutter: 10280000
  • Beasthunter Saif: 10290000
  • Wooden Shield: 92000000