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v1.4 Changelog

New Features

  • New Area: Isle of Bounty! The Isle of Bounty is a new area off the coast of West Limgrave where you’ll be able to farm every crafting material in the game. Craft schematics to plant flora, lures to attract fauna, and hiring contracts to employ shopkeeps.

    • Shattered’s Materials Merchant (and its unlock system) have been removed and replaced with this new area.

    • New Weapon: Oar. To get to the Isle you’ll need a way to cross the sea! What’s better than an oar bigger than your body.

    • New Armor: Caretaker’s Set. Humble set of clothes worn by the Isle’s Caretaker. Complete everything the Isle has to offer to obtain this set.

      • This armor is Anna Strenger’s clothes from Witcher 3. The extract I used was done by SunYome and the port was done by me (Dylan).

  • New Area: Maveth’s Crypt. Explore the murky and seemingly endless crypt of a Necromancer and his cult, hidden deep below an island just south of the Isle of Bounty.

    • This entire area was conceived and implemented by Gabe and Rainer, two extremely talented modders that have been a huge help with Dark Moon.

  • Updated Mechanic: Death Blight. Blight can now be afflicted on most enemies via constant exposure. When afflicted, Blight will tick their health down like Poison or Rot, but will also spread to nearby enemies slowly, but surely. Be careful though as this Blight will also spread to you.

    • In addition, if you proc Blight a second time on the same enemy and their health drops into critical range, their plague will overcome them, killing them instantly.

    • Any activation of Blight you perform will now also cause self-buildup.

    • Huge thanks to Kirnifr and f wang for their help with this feature.

  • New Blight equipment!

    • New Weapon: Necromancer’s Staff, a dual catalyst that specializes in Blight Sorceries and Incantations.

    • New Weapon: Necrosword, a greatsword grown from a budding death root. Inflicts innate Death Blight buildup.

      • New Ash: Death’s Gyre. Imbue your weapon with Death then slam it down for an explosion of Blight Buildup.

      • This sword was heavily inspired by the Necrosword from Marvel Comics, originally designed by Esad Ribić. The model was a collaboration between myself and my friend kevins_computer.

    • New Armor: Necromancer’s Set. The bloodied bone armor of once-powerful Necromancer Maveth.

      • This set is based on Dark Souls 3’s Dark Set which was originally ported by Snivy101. I added cloth physics and retextured it for the Necromancer Set, but you can purchase the original version from the Colosseum Shop.

    • New Sorcery: Stake of Maveth, a quick firing shotgun blast of Blight. This Legendary Sorcery must be balanced well as the Blight it inflicts upon the user is heavy.

    • New Incantation: Death’s Cure for those that find themselves on the brink, this Incantation will alleviate all Death buildup.

  • New Mechanic: Tutorials, Rumours, and Notes. As you play, particularly in the starting areas, you’ll now find and be given various tutorial, rumour, and note items. Inspect these in your inventory to learn more about the various systems introduced with Dark Moon.

    • There are also new loading screen hints for some lesser systems the mod introduces.

  • Brand new wiki! This has been a thing for a couple weeks at the time of this update, but the wiki has been completely overhauled to look nicer, be more readable, and scale much further.

    • The URL for the wiki has now also changed. It is now, short and sweet.

    • The backbone of this is Bookstack, a great open-source website base that I’ve modified a lot to suit Dark Moon. Thanks to Bookstack it’s easier than ever for people to contribute changes to the wiki so if you’re interested in doing that let me know!

  • The main HUD has gotten a small overhaul to get rid of some clutter.

    • If you prefer the old one just delete the file 01_000_fe.gfx from mod > menu

  • Updated installation. With this release Dark Moon now comes bundled with ModEngine2 to make things easier. It also now makes use of Gideon by ivi and Alt Saves by chainfailure.

    • For a full rundown please read or watch the new install guide.

Minor changes, nerfs, and buffs
  • Updated to Elden Ring v1.10

  • Straight and Curved swords have new idles.

  • Bigger weapons when off-handed are no longer held over the shoulder.

  • Scepter of the All-Knowing has had its scaling dropped. Its attribute requirements have also been altered.

  • Fia’s Mist Blight buildup increased.

  • Death Lighting Blight buildup increased.

  • Death Flare (Eclipse Shotel) Blight buildup increased.

  • Death Lightning is now considered a Death Sorcery in addition to a Dragon Cult Incantation.

  • Backstep has been reverted to its vanilla version. This does not include the back dash when locked on.

  • Cut Passive FP Regen in half.

  • Updated the icons for Talisman of Beasts.

  • Reduced sale price of Gold Coins.

  • Removed Ranni hair option. Just looked really bad, might revisit it at a later date.

  • Updated Snowball name/description to be plural.

  • Rogier’s Hat has been returned to normal.

  • Updated HD Icon for Smithing Stone Shards, Erdtree Root, and Erdtree Essence.

  • Made some adjustments to passive FP Regen that allow it to kick in at lower Mind levels.


Bug Fixes
  • The Crystal Tear Merchant no longer freaks out when talking to you. 

  • Fixed a formatting issue with the descriptions of regular and Somber Smithing Stone Shards.

  • Updated Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1] description to reflect what it actually unlocks.

  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple enemy encounters to spawn after completing the Caeild Arena.

  • Restored the little icon on certain menu options when sitting at a Grace.

  • Fixed some issues with certain helmets removing/not showing eyewear.

Known Issues
  • In Maveth’s Crypt, when running in Poison and Rot, splash effects appear above the player’s head.

  • Dying in certain parts of Maveth’s Crypt may give you the option for a Stake of Marika respawn which isn’t in the Crypt itself.

  • Glasses seem to become untextured/uncolored in the Maveth’s Crypt boss room.