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v1.2 Changelog

General Changes

  • New Class: ArcherThis archer from the great Altus Plateau comes equipped with both a Longbow and Greatbow. Keep your distance and fire away!
    • Greatbow’s requirements have been nerfed to allow the Archer to use it properly.

    • The Thief class has had its Longbow traded in for a Shortbow.

  • Bows have been overhauled! I’ve changed a bunch about bows to make them feel more powerful and to set each type of bow apart.

    • All bows have had their native scaling increased. This may be unbalanced (overpowered) for now, feel free to do some testing and see how they feel.

    • Shortbows now shoot much faster at the detriment to raw damage output.

    • Longbows now shoot three arrows also at the detriment of raw damage output. These are a good option for status-building arrows now.

    • Greatbows now shoot faster.

    • Crossbows are currently unchanged. Expect a further update to these when/if I add Bloodborne guns into the game.

  • New Class: Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer Samurai are a sect of warriors hailing far from beyond The Lands Between. Armed with a Lightning Uchigatana and their favored chime, slay your enemies with the power of thunder and lightning.

    • New Armor: Dragonslayer Set. This set from Dark Souls (and its Old Dragonslayer variant from Dark Souls 2) were ported over by KRDCD on Nexus. Huge thanks to them for letting me use their armor ports!

      • The Dragonslayer class starts with the Old variant of this set. If you want the original gold version you can do so by altering it.

      • The set can be bought at the Ranni Puppet for those not starting as Dragonslayer.

    • New Weapon: Dragonslayer’s Chime. An incantation catalyst brought over by the Dragonslayer Samurai. This chime increases the potency of Lightning Incantations and upgrades with Somber Shards.

  • Choosing a difficulty is now mandatory. This is to avoid players forgetting or not knowing to choose one at the Chapel. 

  • All classes (with the exception of Wretch) now start with 50k Runes instead of 150k. This is to incentivize using the Wretch as a sort of DIY choose-your-own class while the rest of the classes just get a few options to bolster their starting loadouts.

    • You also now lose the runes after leaving the Chapel, so spend them at the statue or don’t spend them at all!

  • New Mechanic: Timed Deflect. Input a block at just the right moment before you’re hit and you’ll perform a perfect timed deflect. When successfully doing this you will take no damage, gain a ton of stamina back, and get all pending rally health back!

    • Huge thanks to f wang’s tutorial on the SoulsModdingWiki for help here.

  • New Mechanic: Boss Resurrection. Thanks to a wonderful mod by Vawser, the Ranni Puppet can now resurrect any boss in the game in exchange for a Larval Tear.

    • Remember the Twin Maiden Husks sell these tears infinitely now for 50k Runes each.

    • Also, Ranni Puppet’s menus have been cleaned up a bit so they feel less cluttered.

  • New Idle poses! I hate Elden Ring’s vanilla two-handed idle pose for most small weapons, so I’ve changed this to something more like Demon’s Souls’ and Dark Souls 2’s.

    • A lot of weapons’ two-handed and one-handed idles have been updated, so get in there and see what you can find! Any suggestions on what you’d like to see changed here would be great.

  • New Item: Elden Soup. Melt down some Erdtree Roots and infuse them with some Erdtree Essence and you’ll get this battle-ready and ultra hearty soup!

    • The idea here is to speed up the buffing process most high-level players usually go through before a fight. Upon consumption the soup grants you the equivalent buffs for Braggart’s Roar, Blessing of the Erdtree, Bloodboil Aromatic, and Golden Vow (spell). It lasts for two minutes and refreshes when resting/dying.

      • It cannot be stacked with other buffs in the body/aura/weapon/heal categories.

    • To craft this, you’ll need to collect 12 Erdtree Roots and 4 Erdtree Essences from Shattered’s progression route. The Roots are dropped from the Minor Erdtree bosses while the Essences are dropped from four of the major bosses.

      • As a result of the repurposing of these materials, Erdtree Greatsword and the Erdtree Armor Package have been removed. If you want to try those pieces of gear, check out Shattered!

  • Master Hewg can now forge your Smithing Stone Shards into the required level for you! This gets rid of the middle man of crafting the shards into specific stones yourself. 

    • +1 costs 2 shards and each upgrade cost goes up by 2 from there.

  • The Ash Master has gotten a bit smarter and can now sell you unique Ashes of War more reliably. If you have the weapon on you (regardless of how you got it) he’ll sell you its Ash.

  • FP Regen has changed slightly. Instead of a flat 1fp/sec, it now regenerates at a percentage based 1%/1sec. This should hopefully scale better with higher levels of Mind.

    • I’ve also addressed the Shattered change to the Cerulean Amber Medallions. They now grant FP on hit at 1%/2%/3% at +0/+1/+2 respectively instead of the passive regen Shattered had.

  • Shattered changed the stat requirements for certain spells, I’ve reverted these back to vanilla. The spells are as follows:

    • Rykard’s Rancor

    • Rancorcall

    • Ancient Death Rancor

    • Explosive Ghostflame

    • Fia’s Mist

    • Tibia’s Summons

    • Death Lightning

  • I’ve also returned the level scaling of Vigor, Mind, and Endurance back to Vanilla in an effort to rebalance the game. The starter classes are all pretty beefy in terms of level, so hopefully this will make the early game feel less like a cakewalk.

  • Pots are now thrown faster while riding Torrent.

  • You can now ride Torrent while fighting Elden Beast.

  • Weapon trails on infused weapons should now reflect their affinity. For example, fire weapons now create a red line as a trail instead of a white one.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that removed the hitboxes from Great-Serpent Hunt

  • Fixed an issue preventing Silver Tear Husks in Nokron from being harvestable

  • Fixed the weird frozen crouch attacks that affected a few weapon types

    • Thanks to f wang for this

  • Fixed the sound issues with Torrent’s double jump

  • Fixed some issues affecting the Ranni Puppet selling every item post Elden Beast

  • Restored the Gravitas Ash item drop to the Alabaster Lord in Seaside Ruins

  • Restored the new Hair Type 31 from 1.08.1

  • Unique weapons infused with Frost/Bleed/Poison now correctly display this in their tooltips

  • Present box in the Mountaintops no longer disappears when near the camera

    • Thanks to Nordgaren for this

Known Issues
  • Turning around quickly with the new idle poses looks a bit jank

  • The Dragonslayer helmets don’t have physics on the hair. I tried fixing this, but the cloth physics in Elden Ring are complicated and I wasn’t able to come up with a good solution. Something to improve in the future.