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v1.2.1 Changelog

General Changes

    • Shortbows and Longbows have been nerfed. Their raw damage output has been significantly decreased.

      • Recipe for standard arrows is now 1 Thin Beast Bone and 1 Flight Pinion

      • Standard Great Arrows can now be crafted with 1 Hefty Beast Bone and 1 Flight Pinion. You’ll get 10 per craft.

    • Most of Shattered’s Unique Weapons have been removed. This includes:

      • Rune Siphon Dagger

      • Rally Pick

      • Branch of Life/Mana

      • Mail Shatterer

      • Rainbow Blade

    • Starting Gifts have been reverted to Vanilla. Just felt these new ones clashed with the idea of the Omnipotent Shop. If you want later stuff early, buy it at the shop.

    • Changed some of the faces of the starting classes. These are still a work in progress, currently I’m just borrowing some NPC faces. See if you can recognize anyone!


    Bug Fixes
    • Blade of Calling now has all the proper affinities available to it.

    • Removed sheathe from Broken Bottle.

    • Bare Fists now properly show affinity VFX.

    • Restored Erdtree Essence drops to Godrick, Radahn, Morgott, and Hoarah Loux.

    • Restored Shattered backstep to over-the-shoulder weapons and heavy one-handed weapons.

    • Merchants should no longer sell regular smithing stones, they’ve all been converted to shards.

    • Enemies no longer drop regular smithing stones, they’ve also all been converted to shards.

    • Removed Elden Bell Bearing (11th Nomadic Bell Bearing) from Omnipotent Shop.

    • Fixed the Smithing/Somber Stone Bell Bearings not allowing purchase of shards.

    • Some enemies weren’t properly dropping their Vanilla items, this has been fixed.

    • Bows no longer shoot 4 arrows during certain jumping animations.

    • Fixed some of the unlocked Ashes that had issues with their damage output.

    • Some random Seamless Co-Op Items were being attached to item drops throughout the world, these have been removed.

    • Standard craftable arrows now have a summary in the crafting page.

    Known Issues
    • Unlocked version of Bear Witness turns into Flamesprayer when two-handed. Not sure if there’s a workaround for this, unfortunately.

    • Unlocked version of Sacred Phalanx doesn’t do any damage unless equipped on a Sacred weapon or weapon that inherently deals Holy damage. Also can’t figure out a fix for this unfortunately.