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v1.01 Changelog

General Changes

  • Unique Weapons can now change affinities! This is largely thanks to param rows found in Techmo’s Whetstone Forging by TechmoWizardp.

    • I also fixed a bug in their mod that prevented weapon names and descriptions from displaying properly.

    • Exceptions Currently

  • Omnipotent Statue/Post-Game Ranni Puppet now sell arrows for 200 Runes instead of 10,000 each (bit of an oversight there lol)

    • Crafting mats are now 100 Runes each as well

    • Some consumables are cheaper at 5000 each

  • I’ve added an optional version of the modpack that uses PS4 button prompts.

    • I’ve also updated the pack to include a version of ModEngine’s .bat launcher that will also launch your Mod Loader DLL’s. It and a shortcut to it should now be in the root of the new .rar file.

  • 3 new glasses options have been added to the character creator.

  • Some work has begun on refining the UI. Some bits that were previously gold should now be blue. This isn’t fully done yet though so stay tuned.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing unique Ashes of War on other weapons from having hitboxes.

  • Fixed an issue that made Dual Catalysts not scale properly.

  • Removed some duplicate Golden Runes from the Twin Maiden Smithing Stone shop entries.