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v1.0 Initial Release

Gameplay Changes

  • New classes! Dark Moon introduces 11 new classes. As opposed to the base game’s more flexible classes, Dark Moon’s classes are more specifically tuned to either a stat or a fantasy. For example, the Great Knight is a classic strength master wielding a Greatsword and Greatshield, while the Warlock is an INT/FTH hybrid build making use of the new Dual Catalyst weapon type.
    • Each class has also been given a talisman that fits their playstyle.
  • Crafting is available from the start of the game, removing the need to purchase the kit from Kale.
  • New vendor: Omnipotent Statue. Found at the Chapel of Anticipation and Roundtable Hold, the Omnipotent Statue is a remix on Shattered’s Difficulty Master. Just like in Shattered, the statue will allow you to change your difficulty, but the variant found at the Chapel of Anticipation has a secret.
    • If you interact with the Chapel’s Statue without prying eyes, you’ll be able to access every single item in the game. Each class begins with 150k Runes and the Statue’s inventory is expensive, so spend those runes wisely before opening the doors and beginning your journey.
    • The params from Grand Merchant by Vawser were a huge help in making this shop.
    • Also be sure to set your difficulty before leaving as you won’t be able to change it again between leaving the Chapel and entering Roundtable Hold!
  • New vendors: Materials Merchant and Crystal Tear Merchant. For those familiar with Shattered, you’ll know that these aren’t actually new to Dark Moon, but I have changed them slightly. They’ve moved around a bit in Roundtable and have taken corporeal forms.
    • Visit the Materials Merchant throughout your journey to purchase easily farmable materials for a low cost.
    • Make sure to similarly check on the Crystal Tear Merchant throughout your journey to purchase new Crystal Tears for your Physick Flask.
  • New vendor: Ranni Puppet. This mysterious puppet of the Snow Witch Ranni is found at Roundtable Hold across from the Twin Maiden Husks. Here you can purchase any items that I’ve specifically added to Dark Moon, most of which have been noted below.
    • Also if you’d like to make use of the cut content talisman, the Entwining Umbilical Cord, find it here! It changes your animation set from Type A to Type B and vice versa.
    • Be sure to visit the Ranni Puppet once you’ve completed your primary mission in The Lands Between, she might have a surprise for you!
  • New vendor: Ash Master. This little pot friend has found his way into Roundtable Hold, setting up shop next to Master Hewg. The Ash Master allows you to purchase unique Ashes of War for use on regular weapons. The Ash Master knows what you know, so visit him after obtaining a new unique weapon to purchase its Ash.
    • I used param rows from Clever’s Unlocked Unique Skills mod for this.
  • The Physical Magic Merchant from Shattered has been removed. Shattered’s Physical Magic system is great, but I decided to remove it to set Dark Moon apart. If you want to try out Physical Magic, please check Shattered out!
  • Merchants throughout the Lands Between are now feeling a bit more generous. If you ask nicely, they will give you their bell bearings without the need for force.
    • This system was pulled directly from the Item and Enemy Randomizer by thefifthmatt, so huge thanks to them for this.
  • Larval Tears can now be purchased infinitely from the Twin Maiden Husks.
  • Passive FP generation of 1/sec has been added.
  • Training dummies have been added at Roundtable Hold. These should help you test damage more consistently or just take out some aggression between boss attempts.

Weapons and Armor

  • New weapon: Bloody Seal. A new seal that the Student of Blood class starts with. It scales with ARC heavily and boosts the damage of Bloodflame incantations.
    • The other starting weapon for the Student of Blood, the Ripple Blade, has also been changed. Its stat requirements have been lowered and bleed damage has been added.
  • New weapon: Talisman of Beasts. Coming from Demon’s Souls, this new Dual Catalyst has been added as the starting weapon for the Warlock class. It scales heavily with INT/FTH as well as a little ARC and allows the user to cast both Sorceries and Incantations.
    • While I’m talking about Dual Catalysts, the Scepter of the All-Knowing (Gideon’s weapon) has been turned into an endgame Dual Catalyst, being a direct upgrade to the Talisman of Beasts. I will add more Dual Catalysts in the future most likely.
    • Also worth mentioning that the Scepter as a Dual Catalyst is an idea that I got from quite a few other mods I saw, it’s a pretty common idea and a great one. Really strange this isn’t how it works in the base game.
  • Certain weapons have new scaling. This was done to just a few that felt lacking.
    • Frozen Needle added INT
    • Rogier’s Rapier added INT
    • Icerind Hatchet added INT
    • Watchdog’s Staff added INT
    • Axe of Godrick added FTH
    • Axe of Godfrey added FTH
    • Ghiza’s Wheel added ARC
  • Ash of War locks on unique weapons have been removed. Technically you can change unique weapons’ affinities at the moment as well, but this hasn’t been fully fleshed out.
    • Purchase these Ashes after you’ve acquired their source from the Ash Master in Roundtable Hold.
  • New armor set: Hunter Armor. This classic set from Bloodborne has been added to accompany The Hunter class. The chest piece is notably janky at the moment due to the way cloth physics work in the game, but I plan on improving this and releasing it as a standalone mod here on Nexus.
  • New armor: Heisenberg’s Hat. A hat once worn by a brilliant perfumer from another world. This headpiece grants a 30% boost to perfume damage and accompanies the new Perfumer class. Careful not to get high on your own supply.

Cosmetic Changes

  • Character creation has been expanded to include new hairstyles and glasses. There are currently six new hairstyles from the community and four glasses added by myself. I’ve credited the modders who added the hairstyles below.
    • Currently the hairstyles are a little jank, most of them aren’t helmet friendly or color friendly, but I’m planning on fixing this and adding some of my own in the future.
    • I also plan on adding more glasses to this modpack and the standalone version.
  • Each weapon affinity is now accompanied by a subtle effect present on the weapon itself. This works with both weapons in either hand, so go crazy!
  • Two-handing smaller weapons no longer changes the idle pose. I just personally hate the goofy way that characters two-hand things like short swords in Elden Ring, so I’ve changed this. Doesn’t affect gameplay at all.
  • Rogier’s Hat (Spellblade’s Pointed Hat) has been altered to allow hair to show under it. I hated the headscarf thing lol
  • New portraits for each class have been added.
  • The entire UI has been given a facelift to match the style of Dark Moon.
  • The loading screens have been replaced with concept art and the art from the game’s intro.
    • This tweak is an updated version of theEvi1Twin’s Intro and Concept Art Loading Screens mod. I basically just added a vignette to each loading screen to make the hints more legible.