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v1.1 Changelog

General Changes

  • Updated to ER v1.08.1! I’ve tried to account for everything this update brings, but I could have missed some stuff. So please report any bugs or oddities in the Discord’s support-and-bugs channel.

    • Obviously Colosseum stuff does not work. This is an online only feature. You should be able to enter the lobbies of each Colosseum, but beyond that nothing.

  • New armor set: Saint Kalé's Uniform. The great Saint Kalé has come to The Lands Between once more to bestow ‘gifts’ to all around! Find yours in the Mountaintops of the Giants at the First Church of Marika.

    • Wear the Saint’s hat for a special surprise.

  • New throwable: Snowballs. Get into the spirit and have a snowball fight with your friends! These rock hard snowballs are made from the Rimed Rowa found growing in the north. 

  • All melee weapons should now be buffable with greases and such, regardless of Unique/Affinity status

  • Scythes, when one-handed, are now held over the shoulder


Bug Fixes
  • Restored the hitbox from Straight Swords’ second light attacks

  • Hand of Malenia now properly displays the tooltip for Scarlet Rot

  • Lowered the DEX requirement of the Bastard Sword so the Great Knight can properly wield it on creation

  • Fixed affinity scaling on the following weapons:

    • Treespear

    • Serpentbone Blade

  • Added the Bare Fists weapon names back

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Elden Bell Bearing from dropping

  • New weapons and armor added to ERDM should now appear properly in Seamless Co-Op

Known Issues
  • The Present Box disappears when near the camera.

  • Snow effect from Kalé hat disappears after teleporting/reloading. Re-equip to reactivate for now.