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v1.3.1 Changelog

General Changes

  • Rocket Mod Launcher support! Dark Moon’s distribution from here on will be handled by the Rocket Mod Launcher. This will allow for quicker downloads and quicker hotfixes when needed. 

  • Seamless support for The Arena has begun! Currently this is done by selecting a secondary option at the Ranni Puppet called ‘Enter The Arena (Seamless).’ This should allow you and your friends to play The Arena together.

    • Please note that to play The Arena in singleplayer you need to click the original option that doesn’t have (Seamless) in it.

    • Also Seamless compatibility is always a work-in-progress so please report any bugs you find in the Discord.

    • Huge thanks to fellow modder and Dark Moon contributor Gabe for helping me with this fix. Couldn’t have done it without him.

  • Updated Mechanic: First Time Arena Encounters. The first time you enter The Arena you will progress through the encounters in a set order. This allows you to see them all without the randomization getting in the way.

    • You must defeat an encounter to progress and once you’ve defeated them all the selection becomes random.

    • I’ve also added a menu option to reset your progression in case you ever want to do it again in this set order. Credit again to Gabe for this idea.

  • Updated Mechanic: While activated, Malenia’s Great Rune now gives all your pending rally health back on hit. This should make it, well, not useless in Dark Moon.

  • The three difficulty options now have new icons.


Bug Fixes
  • New armors should appear properly on NPC’s and cooperators.

  • Added flavor text to certain unique weapons with Cold, Poison, or Blood affinities.

  • Removed Bleed from Occult Crystal Sword.

  • Removed Church Pick of the Hunter from Church of Vows.

  • Removed Rainbow Blade and Merciful Blades of the Hunter from a chest in Siofra River.

  • You can receive the Bell Bearing from the Dragonbarrow Isolated Merchant now.

  • Fixed an issue that removed difficulty settings when invading an NPC.

  • Fixed the item description of Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [1] to accurately reflect the recipes it unlocks.

  • Fixed the weapon name of the Broken Sword.

  • Shattered’s Bloodborne weapons should have proper HD Icons now.

Known Issues
  • Selecting ‘Enter The Arena (Seamless)’ in single player sends you to an empty colosseum with a broken return to start warp. You should be able to fast travel to a grace from here though.